Our Caring and Professional Staff

When you are at the Apple Valley Care Center, you will never feel away from home. Our caregivers take the role of your family and look after your needs. They are there any time you ask for their help. Cradled in kindness the Care Center stands for personal attention and compassion for their patients. With highly skilled nursing staff and caregivers who are fully updated with the leading medical technologies, they work hand in hand with doctors and stand by them offering the most formulated treatment methods planned.

Our Mission

With a view to providing quality health care, we at Apple Valley Care Center, create an environment of responsive healing for both patients and their families. The emphasis is on unfailing clinical care that is committed to excellent service with a streamlined focus on advanced patient care. Our purpose is to serve as a primary healthcare entity offering value for our service. Standing for integrated health care, our cohesive team environment supports patients, employees and the clinical staff of the center.

The process of learning and growth is ever-evolving and with an outlook toward progressive and extraordinary service, supported by technology, we have the ability to extend care that is beyond all expectations. Reaching out with a helping hand and listening to each problem carefully we deliver treatments that positively affect patients with quick physical and emotional recovery.

Quality and Safety

We provide the best experience to patients in treatment and recovery. Taking them through the safest practices and medical care, our team supports patients until they are fully recovered.

Dignity and Respect

Respecting each life and recognizing each patient as an individual irrespective of color, gender or status. Each patient is an individual and is a valuable addition to the center.


All treatment imparted from our care center is our responsibility and we accept complete accountability for the work that we deliver to all patients. We are committed towards service excellence.

Extending A Hand That Assures A Complete Treatment